This blog is not intending to uplift or revolutionize anything, but just to give a small, separate space for the Nepali death metal underground in specific. This blog is also a testimony of the advent of death metal in the limited but vibrant local underground scene in recent years.

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[January 2017] Nepal Deathfest is coming again with its two-day 2017 episode as the biggest extreme metal celebration of the year. In the wicked roster are the mighty Defeated Sanity (Germany) as the headliners, Corbota (Japan), Congenial Death (USA), Warhound (Bangladesh), Snuffx (India), and a horde of Nepali death metal bands.

[December 2016] The Kathmandu-based grind powerhouse, Nude Terror has released their debut full-length, "Personality Disorder" early in December. You can listen to the fifth track, "Existential Crisis" here on Soundcloud. Nudge the band to order a copy. Also, they just completed their album release tour to the cities of Damak, Dharan, Butwal and Biratnagar, with the thrash metal band, Disorder, who also released their album "Corrupted Influence." Listen to Disorder's older song, "Janga Bahadur Rana."
[October 2016] Nepali death metal giant Binaash has come up with their new EP, "2072 BS." Contact the band for a copy.
[May 2016] They are not death metal, but grindcore, but hey, they're my bros, and they're uber-intense as fuck, and you should definitely check out this review. Ladies and gentlemen, Chepang's "Lathi Charge."
[November 2015] The 2016 edition of Nepal Deathfest, the most coveted death metal festival in South Asia, will be held for two days in a row in January, headlined by the mighty Fleshcrawl. In the roster are the Japanese noise/grind veteran duo Sete Star Sept, Nervo Chaos (Brazil), Meat Train (UK), Rip Off (India), and Dying Out Flame, Undefined Human, Nihility, Rog, Childwife, Asphyxiate, Laash, Defleshed, Corpse Sick, and Grenade from Nepal. In the mean time, check out our interview with Zivon Gurung, one of the organizers of the festival.
[September 2015] UgraKarma's "Mountain Grinders" 7' vinyl is released through Legion of Death, France. Order the EP at the label's official website. A Nepal-only digital version will be available soon.

[July 2015] Mighty Funerus (USA) are playing in Nepal this September. Follow this event page to have updates.
Alongside, for next year...
[May 2015] A legion of Nepali underground metal and punk bands teamed up to put out this gruesome "Nepal Earthquake Relief" compilation to raise funds to support the victims of Mother Earth's sinister retaliation over the humans in May. Here is the Bandcamp link.

[November 2014] Manzer (black/thrash metal, France) (along with UgraKarma, Khaksi and Disorder) and Defiled (death metal, Japan) are playing in December and January respectively, both in Kathmandu and Pokhara cities. Like Brutal Pokhara's page for more information regarding the shows.

[August 2014] Narsamhaar from Pokhara have released their debut full-length "Genocide Euphoria".
Nudge the band to buy it. Here's one of the tracks.

[August 2014] The local Vedic death metal maestros Dying Out Flame have also released their first album "Shiva Rudrastakam" on 12 July, and are signed on to Xtreem Music Records, Spain (Adramelech, Demigod, Dominus Xul, Rottrevore, etc.) for a worldwide release of the album on August 15.
Message the band to buy a copy.
Here's one of the tracks.