The Nepalese underground metal scene is small. Why make a blog specifically for death metal?
We do not care how small or big the Nepalese underground metal scene or the death metal scene of Nepal is. No matter how small a scene is, there will always be a handful of good bands worth our attention.

Do you plan to revolutionize or uplift the Nepalese death metal scene through this blog?

No. This blog is just to give a small separate space for the Nepalese death metal underground in specific. We are not Marxists to believe in revolution.

Will this blog discriminate against other genres of metal and create a division within the scene?

A mere blog is not capable enough to create a division within the scene. About discrimination, probably, but we have decided to include bands from other genres too, in our features.

Why include bands of other genres too?

Deathmetal.org did so. Why cannot we? Sure, call us Metallica, but the liberty is ours. We believe it is the only way to save this space from being dormant. Also, we do not want to change the name of the blog.

There are only a handful of death metal bands in Nepal. Will you get enough bands to interview?

Probably not! But increasing the number of posts is not the intention of the blog. One good post in a year is okay. Anyway, we are planning to interview few international death metal artists as well.

Why did you hide the BANDS section from the main page, the section for which this blog was popular?

Having an archive of local death metal bands requires frequent update of information, and we think we have failed to do that for some time. So for the time being, the page is hidden. It might reappear later.

Why isn’t there a comment box at the bottom of articles like in other blogs?

Because the reader’s comments to the individual articles aren’t of much importance to us and having a comment box looks pretty ugly for the page. If comments are essential or if there are certain mistakes, then there’s always the CONTACT section. We would be thankful for the messages there.

You have a Facebook page. Why isn’t it very active?

Because we have a life!

You share mostly foreign bands’ music on your Facebook page, contrary to the name of the page?

Yes, in fact the concept of Death Metal | Nepal initially was to be a page that recommended obscure death metal gems to people whose playlists were inundated with generic and obvious bands. This concept did not work at all, as people did not give shit to our posts. We could not care less.

So you don’t care about your audience?

Yes and no. Yes to all the beautiful people who have supported and motivated us to keep this blog running. No to everyone else.