Brutal death metal mixed with both early and modern death metal elements spiced with the Birdflesh-Macabre styled humour leveled up. A lot of grind and thrash could also be noticed. Here's our review on their debut album that may help to further explain their sound/style.


"Binaashkaari" (Full length, 2012)
"Ghalazat MMXIII" (Split/Compilation, 2013)


2009 (as Kaal), 2009-present (as Binaash)


> Binaash means 'destruction' in Nepali.

> The band logo reads Binaash in Devanagari script.

> The band was initially formed as Kaal (meaning 'death'), but later changed their name due to the existence of other local bands with same name or its derivatives.

> They have dubbed their genre as 'ramailo death metal', meaning 'fun death metal'.

> Rishav Acharya, their original drummer left the group right after they completed the recording of "Binaashkaari", before its release.

> The CDs of "Binaashkaari" contained 31 tracks (15 songs + 15 intros + 1 outro), since intros were not merged with their respective songs.

> The album was originally intended to be recorded in May 2010 with only tracks 2-8 & 10. Track 9 was made and recording was planned for September 2010, but they couldn't do it then. The album finally saw release, now with 15 tracks in August 2012.


Prabin Shrestha – Vocals (See also: Arachnids, Shraap)
Prateek Raj Neupane – Guitar/Vocals (See also: Ugrakarma)
Shashank Shrestha – Guitar
Bijent Bikram Shah – Bass
Surya Pun – Drums (See also: Absorb, Bitter Euphemism, Define Mental)